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DEFI Spirits is bringing a line of spirits to adopt a modern supply chain by integrating blockchain technology into every bottle.

The spirits industry is evolving. DEFI Spirits partnered with Speakeasy Co. for initial distribution. This partnership will allow for customers to order bottles online and have the products shipped directly to them at home.

"Right now, only 3.2 percent of spirits sales are craft, yet research data shows that three in four consumers would prefer to drink craft," says Josh Jacobs, co-founder, and CEO of Speakeasy Company.

DEFI Spirits produces ultra-premium spirits with the most innovative packaging on the market. After the initial release launch by phase 2, every beautifully designed bottle will integrate blockchain technology. The blockchain is a more efficient way to keep track of things; it's like a big book with all the transactions publicly available allowing users to trace bottles through every step of production, from raw materials to purchases. Tapping the bottle with a smartphone will display the contents, the authenticity of the bottle, and will confirm an unopened seal. Potential blackmarket knockoffs Furthermore, each bottle can be traced back to its origin, making it more secure and transparent.

DEFI Spirits is also working to bring cryptocurrency and blockchain technology into consumers' everyday lives in meaningful and fun ways. With the tech coming to round 2 of bottles tapping the bottle again will offer a free app download where consumers can redeem a custom NFT.

Non Fungible Tokens (NFT's) are digital assets and a real world use case, independent of cryptocurrencies. DEFI Spirits will use these NFTs to give the alcohol industry a new business concept with real value that benefits consumers. Every bottle comes with its own custom NFT. This innovative integration will allow consumers to buy and trade their custom NFTs with friends as they see fit.

"We are very excited to announce the release for Bitcoin Bourbon because it showcases how blockchain technology can be integrated into the alcohol industry," said DEFI Spirits founder, Ryan Woods. "We are hoping that this campaign will help people understand how crypto can make the industry more transparent, faster, safer, and more engaging. We're creating a platform that will eventually deliver blockchain technology in a user-friendly way, without so many of the technical barriers that consumers typically face."

DEFI Spirits will be announcing their limited IBO, Initial Bourbon Offering, in 2023 for Bitcoin Bourbon. All members of the IBO will gain exclusive access to future drops and member events from DEFI Spirits. Simultaneously, the ultra-premium DEFI Vodka will be released in time to enjoy in your favorite holiday cocktails.


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